InPower SSC3-200A 12 Volt 200 Amp Intelligent Solid State Connector

InPower SSC3-200A 12 Volt 200 Amp Intelligent Solid State Connector

SKU: SSC3-200A

InPower’s SSC3 Series of Solid State Contactors are the ideal
solution for intelligently switching power to auxiliary loads. InPower’s
SSC3 Series replaces outmoded 12V mechanical contactors and
uses proven patented solid-state contactor technology and patented
ultra-cool power terminal technology.
Sophisticated microprocessor algorithms monitor over-current, overvoltage,
under-voltage, and over-temperature conditions and create
an intelligent switch that can shutdown if dangerous conditions exist.
The LOAD is connected to the BAT+ when the SSC3 is turned
ON by > +8.0V on INPUT. Since the SSC3 is unidirectional, this
provides protection for the charging system insuring that current
only flows toward the auxiliary load. (See SSC3 Owner’s Manual
Applying a voltage > +8.0 volts to the SSC3 INPUT terminal will
turn the SSC3 “ON” connecting the BAT+ to the LOAD terminal. A
voltage of <+4.0 volts control turns the SSC3 “OFF” isolating the
two terminals. This can be controlled manually via a switch, or by
connecting the INPUT to the Ignition signal so that all loads are
switched off automatically with the ignition.
InPower’s SSC3 200 Amp Solid State Contactors are available in 2
and 4 Lug models. The 4 Lug model allows the SSC3 to serve as a
high current junction block. Multiple SSC3s of the same rating may
be paralleled.
In addition, the 4 Lug model allows parallel power cabling
between the auxiliary and chassis batteries. Parallel power cabling
significantly reduces overall cable cost and increases wiring



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