InPower ABS3-200A Automatic 200 Amp Programable Auxiliary Battery Switch

InPower ABS3-200A Automatic 200 Amp Programable Auxiliary Battery Switch

SKU: ABS3-200A


InPower’s ABS3 Series of Auxiliary Battery Switches are the
ideal solution for charging and isolating an auxiliary battery from
a vehicle’s chassis battery and alternator. InPower’s ABS3 Series
is designed to replace outmoded battery isolators and unreliable
mechanical battery separators.
The ABS3 uses InPower’s proven patented solid-state contactor
technology, incorporating sophisticated microprocessor algorithms
to monitor over-current and under-voltage sensing.

The auxiliary battery is charged from the chassis battery and
alternator, while the chassis battery is protected from auxiliary battery
load discharge. Since the ABS3 is bidirectional, a charging device
(such as a battery charger or genset) connected to the auxiliary
battery can also supply charging current to the chassis battery when
needed. A “boost start” feature allows both the auxiliary and chassis
batteries to supply current to aid engine starting.
InPower’s ABS3 Auxiliary Battery Switches are available in 200 and
300 amp models. In addition, there is a 4 lug model of the 200. To
properly size your ABS3, first determine how much extra current is
available from the chassis alternator. This is the maximum alternator
output current less the minimum chassis load current. The difference
is the maximum available auxiliary battery charging current. Select
an ABS3 model with a capacity greater than this current.